What Type Of Necklace Should I Wear With This Dress?

I do not think you need to wear a necklace on this dress or any dress like this wat. This is because these dresses are dressed high neckline. They spoil the elegant and minimalist appearance of the dress.

Instead, you can opt for a monochromatic style with small silver or Platania’s earrings with a simple pearl bracelet or you can also wear long gold or silver earrings.

This gives it a very beautiful and delicate appearance. In this dress, you can wear long stilettoes or high heels to give it a formal look but elegant and elegant. Many actresses also opt for this appearance in itself.

This is my opinion and I think that this design with only earrings will be very beautiful and beautiful. You can also wear a clutch according to the color of the dress.

While you decide to wear the necklace, it is important to pay attention to the neckline of your dress. Because the type of necklace you wear is to improve your overall appearance.

Below is the infographic that will give you the information and the idea about the collar with the neckline type. Find those Necklace for you.

I will not try to show some types of the necklace. You have to choose a necklace according to your comfort.

1. Deep V: Pendant necklace

A deep V provides the perfect frame for a longer pendant necklace. Just make sure the chain is not too long so that the necklace is lost in your neckline!

2. Sweetheart: Short striking necklace

A sweetheart neckline is a great frame for a bold statement necklace. Just make sure it is a little on the shorter side so that it draws attention to your face and does not overlap with your neckline.

3. Single shoulder: Bold Cuff

One-shoulder dresses are supposed to look and feel uneven, but it’s still a good idea to balance them with a bold fist on the wrist opposite the shoulder strap. The earrings can also be a good touch, as long as there are no ornaments on the shoulder, that compete with the earrings and make the overall appearance look unbalanced.


A simple diamond pendant on a chain
A string of small pearls
Avoid thick and heavy jewelry
Color coordinates your bag, necklace, and shoes
Since she is wearing a black dress, contrast with the bag, necklace, and shoes red/ green/bright blue, depending on the color that suits you.

Hope this helps!

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