What Is The Meaning Behind A Choker Necklace?

Actually, if I remember correctly, the style first came up in the 1700s in England. In those days, the choker was made of silk, satin or lace, usually worn with a turtleneck dress, and had a cameo or precious stone attached to the front.

I am not aware of the connotations that the modern choker may have, although I do know that the choker became more common with the advent of steampunk fashion trends and the Victorian Renaissance.

They are a style that has gone through popularity cycles since ancient Egypt, especially popular in the eighteenth century, late nineteenth century, early twentieth century, from the 1960s to the 70s, the 90s and recently.

It is simply a necklace length among many that are possible and generally has no particular meaning.

That said, any leather or metal band that sits high up in the throat in the 60s-70s could be called “slave collar,” but that was just a reference of what it looked like, and it did not necessarily indicate that the user It was associated with slavery.

It was a trend among high school girls when I was little. On the contrary, the style with a metal ring on the front * is * associated with B & D / S & M, as it is designed to hold a strap or chain. Likewise, any choker designed to look like a dog collar * can * indicate that the user likes to be dominated.


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