Should I Get My Girlfriend A Pearl Necklace, Or A Necklace With A Cross?

I recommend getting a pearl necklace.

My reasons:

Pearls are a beautiful classic piece of jewelry that simply combines everything.

They never go out of style They are available in a phenomenal range of colors. And they are amazingly affordable.

My favorite reason to give pearls is what they represent to me.

A pearl is created when an oyster feels so much pain that it is forced to act. The oyster then begins a long process of taking that pain and covering it repeatedly with something beautiful (nacre). Again and again, throughout the life of the oyster, it adds layer upon layer of beauty to that pain. He never gets rid of the pain. It just does something beautiful about that.

And is not it a beautiful thing to try to remember in life?

There is always going to be a pain, but we choose what we do with it. That’s why I use pearls in all my commemorative pieces that I make. For that reminder.

A pearl necklace does not need to be limited to just a pearl necklace. A beautiful jewelry gift that seems to have gone out of style (unfairly) is what is known as the pearl necklace.

This allows you to buy, within your budget, a chain with your favorite color and as many pearls (pre-perforated) as you want to press in the chain.

The beauty of this gift is that it provides you with a way to establish and continue a tradition with your girlfriend.

It gives you the opportunity to find events of life to commemorate with a single pearl to hang on your necklace.

And finally, he gives his girlfriend something from his girlfriend to convey to his family the stories that can be shared about mom’s girlfriend and the reasons why each pearl came. (I say this only because I do not know the stage of your relationship and unfortunately I did not check your profile to get information before starting to write, because jewelry is my charm and I was excited, therefore, in conclusion, I do not. If this is a promise type necklace for your girlfriend before a commitment or if this is a “hello, we’re still pretty new, but I like where we’re going, so here”).

A word about your other choice.

As a cross is one of your choices, then faith must play an important role in your life and that of your girlfriend. It is not my place to question that and please do not confuse what follows as my attempt to do that in any way. I am always happy for people who have faith and I want them to have faith to give them comfort.

A cross is a symbol of faith, and even if you feel that you share that faith together, being frankly honest, you never know. What I want to say is that never what may be hiding or what is more important, what may come.

As an example, I share my experience. Because I lived in an abusive environment for many years, for my safety, it was necessary to fit in and be an enthusiastic member of a religious organization. As soon as he was safe, I escaped and left all the accouterments behind because I did not want the memories.

I left everything, including the gifts, both to make a clean break and because I had to send a message to the organization of my serious intention to give up completely. The friends who gave those gifts were relentlessly angry because, in their minds, by refusing the gifts, I rejected them.

Another scenario to consider with a specific gift for the faith is the possible difficulty to transmit it generationally. If the children or recipients of your girlfriend’s necklace do not have the same faith, instead of seeing it as a receptacle of stories about love and respect between you and mom, it’s just another part of the property that they have to make arrangements to sell.

I regret the long answer, but the jewels are my thing. I do it I collect old pieces I’ve thought a lot.

Jewelry is fascinating because it is the only thing that we, as humans, do not need. And yet, as far back as we can, we still find fragments of what we finally determine are the jewels in the oldest tombs of mankind.

The conclusion is that whatever the choice you make, once you give it to your girlfriend with an expression of the love it represents (since this is your girlfriend, I guess it is a mutual relationship, which, you understand, should be said online these days just for clarification), she will have something lovely that when she sees it, she will bring all her memories.

For me, that’s a lovely thing.

Warning: people get frustrated when they talk about jewelry and see the jeweler in the same sentence. After having sailed on eBay for 20 years and I feel comfortable, I can safely order a pearl necklace from abroad to sellers with whom I have previously worked, I know that these pearls originate inside an oyster (although some are Not everything), and still get a price that anyone can work with.

What I’m saying is that there are jewelry deals, but you have to spend time searching. If you decide it is not for you, there are many gems available to buy at normal prices and situations.

The best of luck with your search. I am very predisposed, but I love jewelry as a gift. I hope your girlfriend gets as dizzy as I am about it. It encourages the enjoyment of the giver, I think, to see the recipient happy too.

If it is okay, out of respect for your faith, I am going to paraphrase Acts 20:35, saying that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. Best wishes.
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