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Pearl Necklace For Sale

Pearl is known for its essence of elegance as it possesses the emblem of natural beauty with authentic timeless chic. Depending on the mood and fashion, you can wear it as a single strand or looped it around their neck but it is the type of necklace that suits all occasion and outfit. Even if your outfit is not all that attractive, yet with just a strand of pearl necklace, this accessory will bring out a new look in you. The softness of pearl necklaces fondles the skin, voluptuous and sensual. To buy your pearls from the online store could be very difficult most especially if you are not familiar with the sizes. However, for those that are not sure of their preferred diameter, we offer the images on our website for comparison purposes at


Our pearl necklace collection is lustrous naturally as it features the following:
  • Finest quality
  • Hand selected cultured pearls
  • Classic pearl strand
  • Modern pearl strands
  • Solitaire pendants


There are various types of pearls and such include:
  • Freshwater

This ranges in size from as small as 5mm to as large as 13mm. Those pearls below 7mm are regarded as the smaller side but those from 7 – 9mm are considered to be among the more common sizes chosen for necklaces in Freshwater pearls. The size ranges from 9mm and above are said to be above average in their size. They are rare and highly valuable.
  • Akoya

This is a Japanese pearl which ranges from 2mm to 10mm. The pearls below 6mm are regarded as the smaller side while those between 6 – 8mm are very popular in size. These are the types chosen for pearl jewelry items. Akoya pearls of size range from 8mm and above are the average size and such are more valuable and rare.
  • Tahitian

The size range of Tahitian South Sea pearls is between 8mm and 20mm. the least size offered are 8 to 9mm while the popular ones include 9mm to 11mm. in general, any sizes from 11mm and above are regarded as above average. These kinds of pearls are valuable but rare most especially in higher qualities.
  • South Sea Pearls

  This is categorized into two types:   1. Golden South Sea Pearls There is no other gemstone that can compete with the uniqueness of the beauty of a Golden South Sea pearl. The buttery golden hue and deep luster of the pearl can easily take the breath of the beholder away. 2. White South Sea Pearls This is a gorgeous selection with stunning gemstones that can flatter any wardrobe and become staple pieces in the collection of your jewelry. Both White and Golden South Sea Pearls have the size range of between 3mm and 9.5mm. The pearls below 7mm and 8mm are regarded as the small side and are very popular. They have used necklaces. However, any pearl size higher than 8mm are considered to be valuable and are most especially when they are of the higher qualities.
  • Hanadama Pearls

Hanadama simply means “Flower Pearl” and it symbolizes the highest quality that is available in Japanese Akoya Pearls.


The variation in the colors of the pearls is highly stunning and can easily bring about turning heads in the public. The colors are:
  • White

This is a classic color that always symbolizes elegance and sophistication thereby make it the perfect option for any lovers of pearl.
  • Black

For those who are yet to have a piece of black pearl jewelry, you are just in for a treat. Why? Black pearls are the type of accessories that redefined beauty, create an attractive and sophisticated plus to any collection of jewelry.
  • Pink

Our pink pearls range from dainty stud earrings to classic strands. Surely we have something great to offer you in our stock.
  • Peach

Our peach pearls are very soft in its incredible look when it comes to any setting as it offers a beautiful twist on the traditional pearl. We have gorgeous peach pearls at very great prices.
  • Golden

Our Golden pearls, earrings, strands, pendants, and bracelets are very great as it gives every customer that patronize us perfect fashion statement pieces. Why not add some varieties to your collection of jewelry?
  • Multicolor

One of the greatest attributes of pearls is its varieties. Instead of choosing one color, we have multicolor pearl necklaces that suit all your outfit rather than just buying various colors thereby littering your wardrobe. Our multicolor is purposely made to serve you multipurpose function.

Different Pearls in Our Stock

  • Silver Color Dazzling Zircon and Invisible Transparent
  • Collares Ethnic Simulated Pearl Necklaces
  • Flower Long Necklace for Women Fashion Simulated
  • Simulated Pearl Choker Necklaces for women
  • Anti-Allergy simulated Pearl Necklace Gold Color
  • Gold Color Multilayer Chain Imitation Pearls Necklaces
  • Big Chain Simulated White Pearl Necklace
  • Bridal Wedding Gifts Simulated Pearls Necklace
  • 150cm Long Lady Pearl Necklace 3 Layer
  • Collier Femme Collares Statement Multilayer Pearl
  • Romantic Party Dazzle Pearl Necklace
  • Fashion Simulated Pearl Necklaces for Women
  • Jewelry Polyline Gold Multilayer Chain Imitation
  • Simulated Pearl Necklace Vintage Bib Necklace
  • Necklace for Girl Real Pearl Party Necklace (5-6mm)
  • Long Pearl Necklace for Girls (120cm long)


  • Long lasting
  • Glittering and shining
  • High-quality materials
  • Pearls are loved by women due to the fact that it can increase the beauty and facial luster.
  • Symbolizes purity
  • Brings about loyalty and truth to situations
  • Help reduce anxiety and release exhaustion feeling
  • Promote better sleep
  • Enhance the inner peace
  • Has healing property
  • Highly impressive

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