Can You Sleep With A Necklace On?

A necklace would never strangle you.

  • Because you will wake up when you can not breathe.
  • And you will be strong enough to free yourself from the necklace.
  • Except in the most impossible cases that are usually shown in the Final Destination series.

(You do not want to look at that if you do not like the horror, but the series is clearly unlikely, and it’s a good reminder that the real world is much safer than what the media usually describes).

However, you may still have other considerations as well.

  • Your skin may be irritated, due to prolonged contact with collar materials, or allergies, or by the accumulation of unhygienic bacteria and collar material due to lack of cleanliness.

  • But since the necklace is your father’s, you must be taking good care of it. And he does not seem to be allergic to that either. Then do not worry about that.

  • But, since the necklace is so emotionally valuable, you do not want it to be damaged in any way during your sleep, do you? I mean, you can turn and turn, and you can hit some blunt objects and …. and…. you get the idea.

But in general, do not worry about the dangers of the strangler, only worry about skin irritations and possible damage to their collars.


It is perfectly fine to sleep with a necklace. I mean it will not kill you or anything. However, some collars could be damaged. Take liquid silver, for example.

If it kinked or twisted incorrectly under you, it could bend and never hang properly again. You will see the fold in it. Some people have skin allergies to some metals. It is possible that they can use a piece for a short period of time without adverse results, but leaving it on during the night could cause the neck to turn green.

Why do not you take off when you go to bed? Even if you’re not in your own home, take it off. If you sleep where you do not feel that your jewelry is safe, WHY would you sleep? Are there all?

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